Obsidian arrowheads 1-3″


You will receive one of these beautiful iridescent dichroic aura arrowheads.  These points are 2 to 2 1/2 inches long and are hard to find due to high demand. These arrow heads are made of hand chipped chert stone that has been bonded with dichroic metal titanium ions to make an iridescent blue, turquoise, green, and purple peacock finish.  They are peacock titanium bonded on both sides with one side often a different mix of colors than the other side.  Each unique arrowhead varies slightly in colors and tones with some having more greenish tones and some having more dark bluish tones.  Photos are stock photos, you will not receive these exact arrowheads but ones very similar.  These rainbow arrowheads really sparkle and shine especially brightly when in the sun but the camera can’t fully capture their beautiful reflection and flash.  They are great for wirewrap, jewelry, art, and craft projects.

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These obsidian arrowheads have been shaped by hand in a process known as ‘knapping’ into the form of ancient Native American artifacts.  Because they are hand made, each one is different in shape and size with considerable variation in style.  They are made from real natural obsidian glass, one of the same materials that was originally used by native populations.  Obsidian is nature’s natural glass that comes from volcanic uprisings and is sharp and shatter prone similar to regular glass.  These obsidian points are much sharper than my agate and crystal arrowheads.  Since these are reproductions, they are not subject to antiquities laws and so are entirely legal to own, buy, and ship in all US states.  Photos are stock photos, you will not receive these exact arrowheads but ones very similar.

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