Hair extension kit with thin rooster feathers


Comes with illustrated instructions and all tools needed to install feathers into hair, pliers, threader, and link beads.  It’s easy!  You simply slide a link bead onto your hair, slip the end of the hair feather into the bead, and squash the bead flat with the pliers.  The directions will show you exactly how.  Along with illustrated instructions, you will get hair feather pliers, a professional hair threader tool and 10 link beads.  Each link bead can take multiple feathers, so 10 beads would be enough to install approximately 30 feathers or more.  You can install just about any suitable kind of feather or hair extension with these tools and link beads, including synthetic feathers, peacock feathers, and emu or rooster feathers.


You will receive a variety of colored feathers, how to install directions, and all needed tools for DIY (do it yourself) feather extensions. Feathers for hair extensions are 8 to 11 inches long or longer and of the highest quality coming in both grizzly (striped pattern) and solid color (no stripes). Average hair feather is 9 to 10 inches. Feathers have been dyed with high end professional dye to better resist fading and can be gently washed, blow dried and curled with an iron. Plus you get 1 wooden handle threader tool, one metal comfort grip pliers (pliers in some kits may have a different colored handle than the one in the photo), illustrated instructions, and link beads equal to the number of feathers ordered. Includes everything you need and it’s easy! Out of country buyers my apologies but due to US export law, I am not able to ship feathers out of country.

Additional information

Weight .14 lbs
Bead Color

All Black, All Blonde, All Dark Brown, All Medium Brown, Mixed Colors

Extension Kit Size

Kit with 10 feathers and 10 link beads, Kit with 25 feathers and 25 link beads


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